The 121 Group Branding service is an offering that’s essential for new budding businesses, as well as existing ones. Branding is a business’ identity and is profoundly important in communicating a business’ unique characteristics and value proposition.

Who is this for

This is for business owners who

  • Are just getting started and require a branding identity.
  • Want a rebranding for their business

How does it work?

Our branding services begin with an in-depth creative exploration of your business and ends with design production.

Branding discovery

An in-depth dive into your business, it’s vision, goals, objective and the creative communication outcomes you want to achieve.


Based on the findings in the Branding Discovery phase, we’ll conceptualise your brand identity, transforming your business into an entity of character.

Design Production

The Design Production phase involves the application of your brand concept and identity to your business, in the form of online digital assets, collateral and more.

Branding case studies