Remote Workers: One Notch Higher Than On-Shore Teams

We all know we are approaching a technological era. A date where technology is always present in the simple aspect of our lives. In the advancements of our technology today, the traditional workforce is slowly going obsolete. In the business world, companies now are also taking advantage of this transition, slowly switching to outsourced resources. Solely of the fact, no business can thrive without embracing change. If we don’t “morph” along with the passing of time, we will surely get left behind.

That is why some individuals and firms are rising above the trends. Outsourcing, an old practice in the business world, is reborn and given new meaning. Nowadays, a company outsources a specific task or service that they do not have the capital or no capability to carry For an instance, a start-up legal firm can’t afford an in-house accountant, but they have an option to outsource an accountant remotely. Employees working remotely in a different area, city or nation are termed as remote workers.

So, what makes it a great business acumen to hire remote workers?


Less Expense, Doesn’t mean less Quality

Yes, Outsourcing is cost-efficient because it lessens your business expenses. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get quality service. In fact, it may go beyond all your expectations. From all the business strategies, outsourcing is getting more and more significant to businesses. If I can’t even stress it enough, I might even say it is a necessity already.

Why remote workers? Ask yourself, why not? Why carry on the old business tradition of having an in-house workforce, where you hire a handful of employees and pay all the needed state regulation mandatory employee benefits. With hiring offshores staffs, you get employees specializing in your business needs.


Outstanding Works from Out-of-the-office Workers

We all know the saying, “A happy worker is a loyal and productive worker.”

We also know compensation isn’t enough to motivate your workforce. This is why companies always set aside their budget for workspace and facilities, and events to keep their workforce happy and productive. Good news is, you don’t have to spend top-dollar on the top-tier remote workers you can hire.

Remote workers have their tools and equipment ready and are trained with years of expertise in different fields. In fact, a survey from Slash Workers found out that a remote worker can have 2 to 3 unique proficiency, making their skillsets marketable.
Working where they are most comfortable and the happiest. 78% of remote workers in State of Remote Work 2018 Report, primarily work from home.

The majority of people working remotely do so from their own homes. It’s simply a matter of convenience and reliability.” –

Darren Buckner, CEO, Workfrom

That is why remote workers are unique. They thrive purely on talent and credibility. Productivity goes up with quality, the results speak for itself.

“It’s clear to me that remote employees stay longer, work harder and offer better ROI over the co-located employee.” –

Dave Nevogt, CEO, Hubstaff


Problems In The Office, Which Are Not A Problem For Them.

What are the usual problems of management with their workforce? Let us tackle them here. To see how remote workers cope and deal with the issues of workforce management, let us list down what does the talent acquisition team look for.
Experience, talent, and knowledge of the work they are applying for.
As an HR, would you choose to hire the best candidate in your local area or the best candidate in the global pool? What’s the difference? The difference is flexibility and limitations. Limitations, you are limited to people who applied. People who have no experience, with experience but not related or co-related to your line of work, and with experience in your line of work but lives in the next city or much farther away just to work in-house. Which is so limited, that you will choose from candidates with the least risk in your business’ future endeavors.

While flexibility is what remote workers have. With a large marketplace of talents to choose from, you can find the fine-tuned worker that fits your team. Plus, candidates applying for the job are people who have experience, talent, and knowledge of the work. No need to settle for what’s available. A remote worker offers reliable expertise in the field they chose to work for.

Here in 121 Outsource, we are dedicated to headhunt the top-of-the-line talents. This is what we do best with assurance and quality. We outsource our clients with the best caliber of remote outsourced working offshore. We don’t give you any simple “guru” we can find, but we handpick our top 5% of qualified candidates who passed our standards, to deliver exceptional work. Reach out to us, and we will find you your next powerhouse.