Paid Search

Achieving first page visibility on search engines like Google takes time- time that businesses often don’t have. This is why Paid Search has become such an integral part of every business’s digital strategy, as it can provide your business with visibility that cuts through the competition.

However, Paid Search isn’t easy! If you’re addled by the terminology and acronyms that come with Paid Search, 121 Group offers you an expert-guided approach towards investing in paid initiatives on Google AdWords for your business.

Why should you invest in Paid Search?

Paid Search done right is one of the best business investments that business owners can make today, here’s why:

Amazing VisibilitY

89% of purchasers utilise Search when they’re trying to find business services. Paid Search provides you access to this 89% by placing you at the top of search results.


Any message is wasted without reaching the right audience. Paid Search gives you the ability to hyper-target so that you’re reaching your ideal customer.


Paid Search comes with the ability to track and assess the performance of your campaigns, ensuring a constant eye on your R.O.I.

With us, you’ll identify your campaign’s ideal:

Search Terms

That are aligned with the latest search term trends

Cost models

Such as CPM, vCPM, CPC, CPV or CPA

Campaign type

Such as a Search Network Campaign, Search Network Campaign + Display, Universal App campaigns and more.


Dominate Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)


Instant Breakthrough to your target market


Heightened Awareness for your brand

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