The New Outsource Gamechanger

Offshoring is becoming a new trend for companies that are looking to cut costs and tap into a pool of talents to carry out the ops. Through hiring an offshore staff, your team will be able to gain versatile talents that are highly-skilled in their field. Outsourcing lets your business access first-class technology and a wide network of adept professionals.

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing is only for huge businesses with well-established operations. Outsourcing works wonders on small to medium-scale businesses and startups alike. In fact, the key for these firms to thrive within the ever-changing global marketplace is for them to explore the possibilities outsourcing can grant them. The skilled virtual workforce and the ease of processes are vital for your business’ survival.

So, what makes outsourcing a jump-starter for small and medium scale businesses?

It Gives You The Ability To Expand Your Brand

Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey revealed that 57% of the respondents claim that outsourcing enables them to focus on their core business functions

Offshoring frees you up so much time- time that can be spent for fast-tracking your expansion plans. With your offshore staff managing the processes in your operations, you can focus on expanding your business across your market. Remote workers skilled in customer servicing, social media management, digital marketing, programming, and designing can carry out your functions while you work on business development.

Offshoring Frees Up Your Much Needed Capital

59% of business leaders cited the ability to cut cost as their primary driver to choose an outsourced team over hiring an onshore team.  Outsourcing frees up your time and saves you money.

Through hiring a remote staff from the far-east, you will be able to work with an independent contractor. Unlike hiring on-shore staffs. you do not need to file for taxes upon working with independent contractors. You are also not compelled to have them covered by medical insurance or apply individually for a retirement plan. The absence of these requirements frees up time, and costs for your business.

Outsourced Workforce Improve Your Operations

47% of businesses claim that having their processes outsourced helped their brand solve their business capacity issues.
Remote teams are known catalysts for businesses to smoothly run their operations.

You can assign teams to carry out certain functions and facilitate your operations. Skilled virtual professionals can execute your business’ marketing plans and expand your brand reach. A social media marketer will likely be handling social media management for your brand too. This way, you are able to drive in more revenue while expanding your brand’s reach. Meanwhile, hiring a direct response copywriter skilled in content strategy can write blogs in his spare time. This helps your website produce valuable content, vital for your website’s SEO health. A customer service professional can do omni-channel servicing, improving your brand’s average response time.

A recent Elance survey involving 837 US SMB’s found out that 78% of these brands claimed that having freelancers within their team is an advantage over their competitors. The top three benefits cited are the ability to save costs, the better availability and faster hiring process- all of which a startup and a small business could ever need. Outsourcing not only helps you hasten processes and run them smoothly, it helps you establish the roots of your business to withstand the challenges of market survival.

Outsourcing Lets You Access The Finest of Skills

18% of failed startups blame the lack of knowledgeable workforce as the reason for going out of business. This means hiring people in your team can make or break your business.
The good thing about hiring freelancers is having the ability to tap into a large pool of talents and expertise that is inclined to your industry. You can even find freelancers that are certified and have received high education to perfect their craft.

61% of freelancers are skilled in 2 to 3 skills, making them not the usual jack-of-all-trades kind of worker. Some of the most skilled freelancers can handle web development, coding, copywriting and design- all essential to fine-tune your business operations. All it takes is to find the right talent with the right set of skills, and encouragement from you, as a business leader.

This is where outsourcing agencies play their important role for small businesses and startups- finding you right talents for the right price. We at 121 Outsource have helped hundreds of mom and pop corporations grow their business and net worth with the finest of talents working remotely. With our thorough application process, language tests, skills assessments and interviews, we endorse you the savviest of candidates. Get in touch with us, and meet your next team powerhouse.