Today’s customers will engage with your brand using different channels, be it social media, e-commerce sites, broadcast platforms, and even your own website. In multi-channel or omnichannel servicing, a company uses different channels as a means to keep in touch with their customers.

Each channel is managed with a different strategy. But, one thing is clear. Once your consumers try to contact you through these channels, there must be a response coming from your brand. Omnichannel is centered around your customers to ensure that they can seamlessly transact with you.
This makes every touchpoint easy and effective, even after they make a purchase.

Omnichannel servicing and marketing takes your business to higher grounds.
In fact, the Aberdeen Group found out that omnichannel engagement retains an average of 89% of your consumers if done right. This is compared to only 33% of customer retention rates for brands that don’t step it up. For that reason, outsourced omnichannel servicing can help your business in so many ways unimaginable.

Here’s why outsourced omnichannel servicing plays a crucial role for every business.

Your Customer Service Team Is The Frontliner

Over 35% of your consumers expect to speak to the same customer service representative regardless of any channel. While you might be thinking that bots work well when integrated into your platforms, the ”human touch” still works best in giving customized user experience. Having a dedicated customer service personnel to adhere to these task saves you an unbelievable amount of time.

Your customers will be bombarding you with service requests, enquries, complaints and feedbacks across all channels where your business is at. With using an outsourced resource service to handle these situations, it is ensured that your customers are receiving the right care. Training them on how to assert and walk customers through certain processes makes the customer experience even more convenient.

A study from Accenture found out that 89% of customers get frustrated at the event of having to repeat the same issue to multiple representatives.
This frustration can lead to customer churn, making it hard for your business to get more revenue. Multi-channel servicing done by your outsourced resource can make customer service flow smoothly, giving your customers an immediate solution for the issues they have encountered.

Remember, streamlining your customer service strategy starts with hiring talents that can do it exceptionally.


Response Time Is A Crucial Factor For Customer Satisfaction

Omni-channel servicing gives a great deal for your customers to tap your brand’s help.

A remote worker responding to website live chats, monitoring emails and keeping an eye on your social media channels increases your brand’s chance to respond promptly. This is very important as 64% of your consumers expect to get a real-time assistance regardless of the channel they use.

Responding to your customers promptly is one of the biggest factors for them to trust your brand. Research shows that the average response time for business emails takes 12 hours. 12 long hours!
Your outsourced resource can reduce your response time by working on your timezone, delivering accurate responses.


Accuracy is Key To Preserving Your Brand’s Credibility

While your customers appreciate having self-help videos and FAQ’s on your website, most of them are looking for the ”right” answers. These can be about technical issues, platform bugs or errors that the customers might be experiencing.

The importance of outsourced resource running your omnichannel customer service comes in handy. Your customer service personnel picks up the calls and addresses the issues in real time. Meanwhile, your chat support representative reply to multiple inquiries from your platforms.

Having an outsourced resource who is specifically trained to facilitate your omnichannel servicing minimizes the risks of getting the wrong information across. It also gives them a personalized experience, letting them feel that your brand cares to provide them with their best interest.

Companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement are rewarded by their hard work. These companies get a 9.5% increase in annual revenue for every year. Their secret? 85% of them conduct regular training of the customer service agents in handling omnichannel communications. Giving your outsourced resource appropriate training will help them perform better in streamlining customer experience.

Outsourced resources strengthen your company’s omnichannel support, helping you build better customer relationships. Businesses who have strong multi-channel engagement strategies enjoy a 7.5% year-over-year decrease in cost per contact. Having a remote team to carry out your customer service tasks not only saves you a huge amount of time. Hiring outsourced resources help you cut costs and avoid pitfalls brought by poor customer servicing.

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