How It Works




How It Works

Sourcing and Screening

Once you have provided the requirement or the job description we will immediately initiate sourcing for these roles. We have resourceful, reliable and experienced recruiters in our offshore regions, India and the Philippines, who actively and purposely source for the best candidates to suit you and your business needs.  

The candidate will undergo a series of interviews. An initial phone interview to determine if they have the qualifications based on the requirements needed to do the job. A second face to face interview done by the Operations Director or most Senior Member of the team, that screens the candidates experience, skills, work history and availability. If the candidate meets and and exceeds the expectations for the role, then they get endorsed to our Australian HR manager who will conduct the final interview, further screening them and going into further details of the role as well as the business they will provide services for.


How It Works

Language and Skills Assessment

Once a candidate clears the series of interviews, we will assign them assessments such as an English assessment to make sure they can read, speak, understand and that communication will never be an issue.  

The candidates will also undergo a technical skills assessment to further ensure that they have the skills necessary to perform and be successful in their role.


How It Works

Client interviews

Once the candidate clears the assessment and if they are in the top 3-5% of the list, we will then send you a candidate brief and provide you an option to meet them and this is done through a conference call, wherein you will get a chance to get to know them as well as further screen them for yourself and make sure they are a good fit, share the same values and are a good addition to you and your teams success.


How It Works

Background checks

Once you have decided on who to bring in, we will perform the last round of quality checks such as background and medical checks to make sure the candidates are of good moral character and that they are physically fit to perform the job at hand.


How It Works

On boarding, ongoing support and training

Once the start date has been decided on, we will onboard the resource & supply them with their own email address. As well as setup time monitoring software to monitor their productivity as well as the number of hours they have worked for the month.  

From here on, we will endorse them to you so you can onboard them on your system, introduce them to your team and make them feel welcome.

We handle backend management for the resource such as HR management, time management, and payroll, so you can focus on growing your business.




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