Remote Workers: One Notch Higher Than On-Shore Teams

Remote Workers: One Notch Higher Than On-Shore Teams

We all know we are approaching a technological era. A date where technology is always present in the simple aspect of our lives. In the advancements of our technology today, the traditional workforce is slowly going obsolete. In the business world, companies now are also taking advantage of this transition, slowly switching to outsourced resources. Solely of the fact, no business can thrive without embracing change. If we don’t “morph” along with the passing of time, we will surely get left behind.

That is why some individuals and firms are rising above the trends. Outsourcing, an old practice in the business world, is reborn and given new meaning. Nowadays, a company outsources a specific task or service that they do not have the capital or no capability to carry For an instance, a start-up legal firm can’t afford an in-house accountant, but they have an option to outsource an accountant remotely. Employees working remotely in a different area, city or nation are termed as remote workers.

So, what makes it a great business acumen to hire remote workers?


Less Expense, Doesn’t mean less Quality

Yes, Outsourcing is cost-efficient because it lessens your business expenses. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get quality service. In fact, it may go beyond all your expectations. From all the business strategies, outsourcing is getting more and more significant to businesses. If I can’t even stress it enough, I might even say it is a necessity already.

Why remote workers? Ask yourself, why not? Why carry on the old business tradition of having an in-house workforce, where you hire a handful of employees and pay all the needed state regulation mandatory employee benefits. With hiring offshores staffs, you get employees specializing in your business needs.


Outstanding Works from Out-of-the-office Workers

We all know the saying, “A happy worker is a loyal and productive worker.”

We also know compensation isn’t enough to motivate your workforce. This is why companies always set aside their budget for workspace and facilities, and events to keep their workforce happy and productive. Good news is, you don’t have to spend top-dollar on the top-tier remote workers you can hire.

Remote workers have their tools and equipment ready and are trained with years of expertise in different fields. In fact, a survey from Slash Workers found out that a remote worker can have 2 to 3 unique proficiency, making their skillsets marketable.
Working where they are most comfortable and the happiest. 78% of remote workers in State of Remote Work 2018 Report, primarily work from home.

The majority of people working remotely do so from their own homes. It’s simply a matter of convenience and reliability.” –

Darren Buckner, CEO, Workfrom

That is why remote workers are unique. They thrive purely on talent and credibility. Productivity goes up with quality, the results speak for itself.

“It’s clear to me that remote employees stay longer, work harder and offer better ROI over the co-located employee.” –

Dave Nevogt, CEO, Hubstaff


Problems In The Office, Which Are Not A Problem For Them.

What are the usual problems of management with their workforce? Let us tackle them here. To see how remote workers cope and deal with the issues of workforce management, let us list down what does the talent acquisition team look for.
Experience, talent, and knowledge of the work they are applying for.
As an HR, would you choose to hire the best candidate in your local area or the best candidate in the global pool? What’s the difference? The difference is flexibility and limitations. Limitations, you are limited to people who applied. People who have no experience, with experience but not related or co-related to your line of work, and with experience in your line of work but lives in the next city or much farther away just to work in-house. Which is so limited, that you will choose from candidates with the least risk in your business’ future endeavors.

While flexibility is what remote workers have. With a large marketplace of talents to choose from, you can find the fine-tuned worker that fits your team. Plus, candidates applying for the job are people who have experience, talent, and knowledge of the work. No need to settle for what’s available. A remote worker offers reliable expertise in the field they chose to work for.

Here in 121 Outsource, we are dedicated to headhunt the top-of-the-line talents. This is what we do best with assurance and quality. We outsource our clients with the best caliber of remote outsourced working offshore. We don’t give you any simple “guru” we can find, but we handpick our top 5% of qualified candidates who passed our standards, to deliver exceptional work. Reach out to us, and we will find you your next powerhouse.

Why Businesses Must Invest in Outsourced Multi-Channel Servicing

Today’s customers will engage with your brand using different channels, be it social media, e-commerce sites, broadcast platforms, and even your own website. In multi-channel or omnichannel servicing, a company uses different channels as a means to keep in touch with their customers.

Each channel is managed with a different strategy. But, one thing is clear. Once your consumers try to contact you through these channels, there must be a response coming from your brand. Omnichannel is centered around your customers to ensure that they can seamlessly transact with you.
This makes every touchpoint easy and effective, even after they make a purchase.

Omnichannel servicing and marketing takes your business to higher grounds.
In fact, the Aberdeen Group found out that omnichannel engagement retains an average of 89% of your consumers if done right. This is compared to only 33% of customer retention rates for brands that don’t step it up. For that reason, outsourced omnichannel servicing can help your business in so many ways unimaginable.

Here’s why outsourced omnichannel servicing plays a crucial role for every business.

Your Customer Service Team Is The Frontliner

Over 35% of your consumers expect to speak to the same customer service representative regardless of any channel. While you might be thinking that bots work well when integrated into your platforms, the ”human touch” still works best in giving customized user experience. Having a dedicated customer service personnel to adhere to these task saves you an unbelievable amount of time.

Your customers will be bombarding you with service requests, enquries, complaints and feedbacks across all channels where your business is at. With using an outsourced resource service to handle these situations, it is ensured that your customers are receiving the right care. Training them on how to assert and walk customers through certain processes makes the customer experience even more convenient.

A study from Accenture found out that 89% of customers get frustrated at the event of having to repeat the same issue to multiple representatives.
This frustration can lead to customer churn, making it hard for your business to get more revenue. Multi-channel servicing done by your outsourced resource can make customer service flow smoothly, giving your customers an immediate solution for the issues they have encountered.

Remember, streamlining your customer service strategy starts with hiring talents that can do it exceptionally.


Response Time Is A Crucial Factor For Customer Satisfaction

Omni-channel servicing gives a great deal for your customers to tap your brand’s help.

A remote worker responding to website live chats, monitoring emails and keeping an eye on your social media channels increases your brand’s chance to respond promptly. This is very important as 64% of your consumers expect to get a real-time assistance regardless of the channel they use.

Responding to your customers promptly is one of the biggest factors for them to trust your brand. Research shows that the average response time for business emails takes 12 hours. 12 long hours!
Your outsourced resource can reduce your response time by working on your timezone, delivering accurate responses.


Accuracy is Key To Preserving Your Brand’s Credibility

While your customers appreciate having self-help videos and FAQ’s on your website, most of them are looking for the ”right” answers. These can be about technical issues, platform bugs or errors that the customers might be experiencing.

The importance of outsourced resource running your omnichannel customer service comes in handy. Your customer service personnel picks up the calls and addresses the issues in real time. Meanwhile, your chat support representative reply to multiple inquiries from your platforms.

Having an outsourced resource who is specifically trained to facilitate your omnichannel servicing minimizes the risks of getting the wrong information across. It also gives them a personalized experience, letting them feel that your brand cares to provide them with their best interest.

Companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement are rewarded by their hard work. These companies get a 9.5% increase in annual revenue for every year. Their secret? 85% of them conduct regular training of the customer service agents in handling omnichannel communications. Giving your outsourced resource appropriate training will help them perform better in streamlining customer experience.

Outsourced resources strengthen your company’s omnichannel support, helping you build better customer relationships. Businesses who have strong multi-channel engagement strategies enjoy a 7.5% year-over-year decrease in cost per contact. Having a remote team to carry out your customer service tasks not only saves you a huge amount of time. Hiring outsourced resources help you cut costs and avoid pitfalls brought by poor customer servicing.

121 Outsource carefully screens the finest of customer service talents with regards to their speaking and writing ability. We effectively run tests and calibrations to ensure that our customer service candidates have the right skill sets to facilitate seamless customer interaction. Looking for chat support agents or executive virtual assistants? We have fine-tuned talents to introduce to you. Reach out to us now, and meet your next customer experience powerhouse.

Outsourced Finance Processes

Why Outsourcing Finance Processes Is Crucial For Startups and SMB’s

When starting a business, you have definite goals. One of those goals is to thrive within the market and be one of the most notable firms in the industry. Pivoting towards that goal takes a leap of faith, and surviving the tough market is another.

Staying on track of your business is not going to happen if you are repeating the same mistakes every failed business has done in the recent past.
Of all the businesses in Australia that have been established back in 2014, less than 49% of them are still operating. 51.4% of them didn’t make it to their fifth year founding anniversary.

From the Australian Securities and Investments Commission survey, these are top three reasons why businesses fall flat:

1. Businesses ran out of cash amounts to 47% of the report
2. Poorly executed business management at 46%, and;
3. Poor financial control, including the lack of consolidated transaction records to a whopping 35%.

These three reasons boil down to one big culprit- most newly-established firms ignore the value of properly-structured accounting systems.

Whether you like or not, you cannot run all key business processes alone.
It is quite impossible for you to succeed in business development and marketing while doing accounting yourself. The result? Having to sell your property or going out of business, for good.

Here’s another reason why businesses hit the rock bottom:
9 out of 10 new SMBs opted to start with zero staff. These businesses rely on their own diagnosis of their problems and try to solve them with a lack of expertise. If you are a mom-and-pop corporation thinking of running everything on your own, you are pointing your business to bankruptcy.

Non-employing firms are observed to have only 43% of survival rate within a period of 4 years. Meanwhile, firms that have outsourced their operations withstand the challenges of business survival at 60%. This only means one thing, hiring skilled people to carry out specific business processes is crucial. Hiring an accountant or a bookkeeper to keep an eye on your financial decisions and advise you when necessary is an even more crucial necessity.

But, why should you hire an outsourced bookkeeper or accountant?

To Free Up Your Much Needed Time

Yes, you can do accounting and bookkeeping yourself. You can even handle payrolls and monitor your budget stipend. These can all be possible, until you realise that an average SMB owner spends a minimum of 16.5 hours every single month to do accounting.

Free up much needed time

Think about all the hours you could have spent on strategic work such as marketing and creating advertising campaigns. You could have spent all those lost hours trying to generate more revenue and getting a substantial ROI. After all, being a startup, your priority is to get back your capital.

These business development processes present better returns in exchange of paying an outsourced bookkeeper about $6.5 per hour.

Having a dedicated bookkeeper in your team frees up an unbelievable amount of time you can use to strengthen your business’ roots and bring in more conversions.

You Get Better Data Analysis

82% of business closed down due to poor cash flow management.

An outsourced bookkeeper skilled in Xero can interpret what the numbers mean for your brand. By overseeing cash flows, foreseeing operation expenditures and allotting funds for their sole purpose- hiring an outsourced bookkeeper can save you from debt.

Better Data Analysis

Through data that translates from your sales, expenses, and investments, a seasoned remote accountant can give you financial forecasts and prepare financial safety nets. They can also prepare a sound and accurate financial reports that can gauge your growth in revenue and your market performance.

You Get Credible Financial Advice

If you don’t know what to do with your money, it’s best to invest in hiring someone that can tell you how best you can grow your ROIs from it.

Outsourced accountants can guide you through financial planning such as capitalisation, creating investments, collaterals, stocks, and financing.
This gives you a way to be aware of your business decisions that involve money. Now, you can develop and execute vital strategies in advertising and marketing that fits your bill.

Credible Finance Advice

2.4 million Australians see a financial adviser, and you as a business, face the same need. From establishing a physical office, managing payroll, funding projects and supporting expansion- you need someone of working knowledge to take you by the hand.

We at 121 Outsource understand where you are coming from as a startup. We were there about two years ago. Now, we have helped hundreds of our clients find the best bookkeeping guru for their team. Through thorough recruitment processes and a multitude of skill tests, we endorse you nothing but the finest calibre of talents. Trust us in finding your next bookkeeper. Reach out to us now.

The New Outsource Gamechanger

Small-Scale Business

Offshoring is becoming a new trend for companies that are looking to cut costs and tap into a pool of talents to carry out the ops. Through hiring an offshore staff, your team will be able to gain versatile talents that are highly-skilled in their field. Outsourcing lets your business access first-class technology and a wide network of adept professionals.

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing is only for huge businesses with well-established operations. Outsourcing works wonders on small to medium-scale businesses and startups alike. In fact, the key for these firms to thrive within the ever-changing global marketplace is for them to explore the possibilities outsourcing can grant them. The skilled virtual workforce and the ease of processes are vital for your business’ survival.

So, what makes outsourcing a jump-starter for small and medium scale businesses?

It Gives You The Ability To Expand Your Brand

Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey revealed that 57% of the respondents claim that outsourcing enables them to focus on their core business functions

Offshoring frees you up so much time- time that can be spent for fast-tracking your expansion plans. With your offshore staff managing the processes in your operations, you can focus on expanding your business across your market. Remote workers skilled in customer servicing, social media management, digital marketing, programming, and designing can carry out your functions while you work on business development.

Offshoring Frees Up Your Much Needed Capital

59% of business leaders cited the ability to cut cost as their primary driver to choose an outsourced team over hiring an onshore team.  Outsourcing frees up your time and saves you money.

Through hiring a remote staff from the far-east, you will be able to work with an independent contractor. Unlike hiring on-shore staffs. you do not need to file for taxes upon working with independent contractors. You are also not compelled to have them covered by medical insurance or apply individually for a retirement plan. The absence of these requirements frees up time, and costs for your business.

Outsourced Workforce Improve Your Operations

47% of businesses claim that having their processes outsourced helped their brand solve their business capacity issues.
Remote teams are known catalysts for businesses to smoothly run their operations.

You can assign teams to carry out certain functions and facilitate your operations. Skilled virtual professionals can execute your business’ marketing plans and expand your brand reach. A social media marketer will likely be handling social media management for your brand too. This way, you are able to drive in more revenue while expanding your brand’s reach. Meanwhile, hiring a direct response copywriter skilled in content strategy can write blogs in his spare time. This helps your website produce valuable content, vital for your website’s SEO health. A customer service professional can do omni-channel servicing, improving your brand’s average response time.

A recent Elance survey involving 837 US SMB’s found out that 78% of these brands claimed that having freelancers within their team is an advantage over their competitors. The top three benefits cited are the ability to save costs, the better availability and faster hiring process- all of which a startup and a small business could ever need. Outsourcing not only helps you hasten processes and run them smoothly, it helps you establish the roots of your business to withstand the challenges of market survival.

Outsourcing Lets You Access The Finest of Skills

18% of failed startups blame the lack of knowledgeable workforce as the reason for going out of business. This means hiring people in your team can make or break your business.
The good thing about hiring freelancers is having the ability to tap into a large pool of talents and expertise that is inclined to your industry. You can even find freelancers that are certified and have received high education to perfect their craft.

61% of freelancers are skilled in 2 to 3 skills, making them not the usual jack-of-all-trades kind of worker. Some of the most skilled freelancers can handle web development, coding, copywriting and design- all essential to fine-tune your business operations. All it takes is to find the right talent with the right set of skills, and encouragement from you, as a business leader.

This is where outsourcing agencies play their important role for small businesses and startups- finding you right talents for the right price. We at 121 Outsource have helped hundreds of mom and pop corporations grow their business and net worth with the finest of talents working remotely. With our thorough application process, language tests, skills assessments and interviews, we endorse you the savviest of candidates. Get in touch with us, and meet your next team powerhouse.